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Intiaanisokeri whole cane sugar fine 4 kg

Intiaanisokeri whole cane sugar fine 4 kg

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Authentic Intiaanisokeri whole cane sugar

Rich in nutrients and with a pleasant taste, Intiaanisokeri whole cane sugar is produced organically from sugar cane, which is grown without intensive fertilization in the heart of South America, in Bolivia.

  • Employs and trains Indians
  • Fair compensation for employees
  • An alternative to coca cultivation
  • A project recommended by the Bolivian government


Instructions for use : The original Intiaanisokeri whole cane sugar is suitable for all food and pastry preparations, replacing white sugar. Its soft and pleasant taste is suitable for flavoring yogurt, muesli, and porridge. The product should be stored in a dry place and protected from products with strong odors.

Background : Intiaanisokeri is made with over 400 years of experience by the masterwork of the Okinawan and Chancay Indians. Manufacturing and exporting abroad is a project recommended by Bolivia because it employs and trains Indians and provides an alternative to coca cultivation.


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