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Green Canine Natural Electrolyte for Dogs 500g

Green Canine Natural Electrolyte for Dogs 500g

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Green Canine's natural electrolyte for dogs contains amino acids, minerals, and trace elements.

  • Gets the dog to drink and/or eat
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Provides energy for a long time
  • The dog also drinks electrolyte during competitions
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Vitality and shine
  • Muscles function optimally (for example, reduces muscle cramps)

Vitality and energy for your dog - 100% naturally Green Canine is a product your dog will love. It helps maintain optimal hydration, the dog has more energy and feels better, performs better in competitions and hunting, and recovers faster - all thanks to natural ingredients.

One package can be mixed into 15-50 liters of electrolyte (15-50 servings or approx. 0.42-1.4 €/mixed liter)

Tested by TestingLab with excellent results:


Is it difficult to get your dog to drink enough on a car trip, during summer heat, or before a show? Does your dog need to have better stamina in competitions or on long hunting trips? The right kind of electrolyte and fluid balance is crucial for well-being. Impaired hydration can manifest as fatigue, malaise, muscle cramps, and slow recovery.

Green Canine is a 100% natural energy drink for dogs. Its job is to restore the electrolyte and fluid balance to an optimal level, bring more energy and stamina to the dog, help perform better in competitions, for example, and recover faster.

Why and for what kind of dog is Green Canine suitable?

When a dog is panting or has an upset stomach, isn't just water enough? No, because in addition to water, a dog also needs electrolytes, which restore the fluid balance. Dog diarrhea and a loose stomach remove large amounts of fluid from the body, putting the pet at risk of dehydration.

Green Canine is suitable for use both by dogs that are actively participating in hobbies or competitions (e.g., agility, hunting, driving tests) and for any dog as needed to correct impaired electrolyte and fluid balance (e.g., if it is difficult to get the dog to drink on car trips, in summer heat, dog shows, when recovering, during lactation, or in connection with childbirth).

At Masajo, we believe that man's best friend deserves only the best support for their well-being - without artificial ingredients. That's why Green Canine is also made from two ingredients grown in nutrient-rich soil: Indian Sugar - whole cane sugar and Bolivian Rose Salt. The product is thus completely natural, gentle on the stomach, and ready to use.

Green Canine - Natural and pure energy to support your dog's well-being.

Made in Finland Manufacturer Masajo Oy Proven to be doping-free



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